Safety In Home Dialysis: Engaging Stakeholders to Prevent Non-infectious Complications

When:  Jun 23, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)

In-home dialysis presents unique challenges in patient safety.  Dialysis professionals no longer retain hands-on control of dialyzing the patient and lack the direct contact they have in center.  How do you ensure proper patient selection, education, the ability of patients to manage risks? Expert presenters from the Renal Healthcare Association’s Home Transition Taskforce will share their in-depth knowledge of major safety challenges, troubleshooting by using examples in both home hemodialysis  and peritoneal dialysis.  Providers need to recognize and prioritize patient safety and all the areas in which adverse event may exists and how to address them in order to manage a healthy home program.  Non-infectious (ADD)


  1. List 3-4 major safety categories specific to each home modality hemodialysis and home PD
  2. Identify possible causes and prevention strategies to address the most common safety concerns.
  3. Describe the nature of major adverse events, interventions and protocols to be followed.