Didactic Training Program


Renal Healthcare Association has developed a beneficial resource to meet the didactic needs of newly hired and experienced employees seeking additional educational support.

The program spans 4-weeks and includes instructor-led live sessions, resources, and assessments. Cohort members have access to nine user-friendly learning modules that cover topics for training, as suggested in the Dialysis Technician Core Curriculum.  

For more information, watch the Didactic Training Program Overview recording here


How it Works
The RHA Didactic Training program will take place via Zoom and spans a 4-week schedule. The nine modules are divided into four segments. Live sessions will take place on Thursdays for 4-consecutive weeks starting at either 10:30 am or 2:00 pm ET (see upcoming schedule). Each session will be 3 hours.

Upon completing a module, attendees must pass a test/quiz to document that learning has been completed. At the end of 4 weeks, attendees are required to pass a final comprehensive exam to complete the training program. Upon completion, students receive a certificate of completion and can apply for continuing education credits. Download the Course Overview here.

Program Pricing

Member companies will need to ensure that students are on the company roster with RHA in order to register at the member rate. Additional contacts can be added for $25 by contacting membership@renalhealthcare.org.


Attendee questions or comments can be emailed to rhadidactictraining@renalhealthcare.organd answers will be provided within 2 business days to allow for ongoing communication.

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Upcoming Cohorts 
Cohort 26: Dec 14 - Jan 4


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