• Interested in Renal Research at your Facility?

    We ask for your participation in this brief survey to assess interest levels and current research capabilities better and to gather contacts for potential companies and nephrologists.
  • PY 2023 RSE ESRD PPS Calculator

    This valuable business tool provides key reports such as monthly facility revenue, cost and profit analysis, case-mix analysis, and a three-year forecast.
  • CMS's CY 2023 ESRD PPS Final Rule Summary

    On October 31, 2022, CMS announced its final rule covering ESRD PPS, AKI, QIP, and ESRD Treatment Choices Model. RHA advocacy consultants have prepared a Final Rule Summary exclusively for RHA members.
  • RSE Benchmarking Report - August 2022 Release

    The 2nd release of the RSE 2022 National Cost and Quality Benchmarking Reports is now available. These reports are a comprehensive set of industry financial and clinical/quality benchmarks, including virtually 100% of the dialysis facilities in the U.S. Exclusively available to RHA Members. 

    The 4Q22 update to the ESRD PPS Calculator includes:

    • Updated average sales prices (ASPs) for Part B drugs, reflecting Q222 actual prices
    • Updated costs for calcimimetics from the Q4 2022 Outlier Services schedules
    • Updates to TDAPA payment rates from the Q422 TDAPA Payment Schedule
    • Updates to the 2022-2024 three-year forecast assumptions with latest data from the Q2 2022 ESRD Market Basket Forecast
  • RHA Submits Comments to CMS, re: CMS-4203-NC

    RHA submits comments to CMS regarding ways to improve Medicare Advantage and ensure that ESRD patients enrolled in MA plans sustain equitable access to life-sustaining dialysis treatment and innovations.
  • RHA Finalizes Comment Letter to CMS for CMS-1768-P

    The RHA offers its comments on “Medicare Program; End-Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System, Payment for Renal Dialysis Services Furnished to Individuals with Acute Kidney Injury, End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program, and End-Stage Renal Disease Treatment Choices Model” (CMS-1768-P).
  • Pilot Test for the Renal Healthcare Administrator Certification Examination

    We invite you to sit for the pilot exam during the RHA Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN, in partnership with C-NET. Registration for the Annual Conference is not required to participate in the exam.
  • Aug 2022 Benchmarking Report Release

    The 2nd release of the RHA/RSE 2022 National Cost and Quality Benchmarking Reports is now available and exclusively available to RHA members. 
  • RHA Didactic Training: Call for September Cohort Participants!

    This 4-week training program is designed to meet the didactic needs of newly hired employees and experienced employees. This resource is available at no cost to members only. Click here for program details.
  • PY 2022 ESRD PPS Calculator - 3Q Update

    The Q3 update to the ESRD PPS Calculator is available now and includes the following:
    • Updated average sales prices (ASPs) for Part B drugs
    • Updated calcimimetics drug prices from the Q322 ESRD PPS Outlier Services Payment Limits
    • Updated forecast assumptions for 2022-2024 from the ESRD Market Basket Forecast and from the CY2023 ESRD PPS Proposed Rule.
  • RHA Summary: CMS 2023 ESRD PPS Proposed Rule

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its proposed rule and corresponding fact sheet/press release June 21, 2022. CMS also released the CY2023 ESRD PPS & AKI Wage Index File and NPRM Facility Level Impact File.

    The RHA government affairs team has provided a summary for members only. This summary covers key issues of note for members of the Renal Healthcare Association
  • CMS Issues CY 2023 Proposed Rule

    CMS issued a CY 2023 ESRD PPS Proposed Rule to update Medicare payment policies and rates for renal dialysis services.

    RHA will be releasing a summary and holding a webinar covering the implications of the proposed policies for members in the near future.
  • 2022 RHA Annual Conference Registration is Now Open!

    We are 'Racing to Reconnect' on Oct 5-7 in Indianapolis! See details on this year's hybrid event, schedule, registration options, and more on the link below.
  • Membership Renewal Deadline Approaching

    Continue your membership with Renal Healthcare Association in 2022-2023!
  • Home Therapies Hotline

    Join the Home Therapies Hotline call the 3rd Thursday of every month as we work together to address questions and challenges we are facing in home therapies.
  • RHA Didactic Training Program

    A beneficial resource designed to meet the didactic needs of newly hired employees and experienced employees seeking additional educational support. This resource is available at no cost to members only.