Annual Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsor partnerships are mutually beneficial and provide a unique opportunity to showcase your brand to a targeted audience. We believe that partnering with you will not only enhance your brand visibility but also provide valuable opportunities for networking and engagement with our diverse audience. We benefit by providing a link to vital industry partners and providing quality education and resources to our members. 


Annual Corporate Sponsorship

Annual Corporate Sponsors receive significant benefits and cost savings throughout the year. Below is a comprehensive Sponsor Prospectus detailing the various sponsorship tiers and benefits available.  

Levels of corporate sponsorship

  • Platinum Level $50,000* - Sold Out
  • Gold Level $40,000
  • Silver Level $25,000
  • Bronze Level $15,000

*Only 2 opportunities available in 2024; available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Sponsorship Opportunities 

Additional opportunities are available to enhance your promotional activities throughout the year. See the detailed prospectus below for descriptions, availability, and pricing.

  • Industry Spotlight Webinar
  • Thought Leadership Content 
  • Renal Watch Member Newsletter
    • Month-long Vendor Highlight
    • Banner Ad
  • Vendor Product Email 

Download the 2024 RHA Sponsor Prospectus for details, pricing, and steps to secure your sponsorship. 



Contact us today to discuss sponsorship options for your organization! 

Samantha Adams

Exhibit & Sponsorship Manager

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